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Reasons why candidates decline the job offer

The hiring season is tough –both for the candidates as well as for the hiring companies. While there are chances that you might reject a candidate for the given job profile due to certain reasons, there is an equal possibility that a candidate might as well decline the job offer. There could be several factors that might go into candidates…

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How to avoid making a bad hire?

As a business owner, you must know that the best investment your company can make it towards hiring the right candidates for your company. As important is the hiring of the best and the most talented candidate for your company, it is equally important to avoid making a bad hire. A bad candidate can be immensely poisonous and could ruin…

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Essential Skills of Communicating

This is a far more effective way of accomplishing tasks than simply hiring employees to fill space. When you hire a new employee you spend time and money training him or her to fit in with your program. Even when you hire an employee from a temp agency, you still have to explain to the candidate what to do and…

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