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Social Media Marketing – What’s Your Strategy?

You truly add introducing your podcast. This is mostly a prerecorded intro but there ought to be some information specific to this free podcast app – liulo.fm -. You may additionally consider using music. When you are exporting the file out you in order to be add metadata to your Mp3 file that way when someone downloads it they will…

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Marketing With Podcasts

Fans also love these Podcasts. The Podcasts let the musicians and fans to take a closer experience each a lot of. Fans can give the musicians their feedback on their music. This is also a good method for the musicians to choose a better regarding what their fans want from themselves. The musician may get lots of requests for a…

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Podcasting Your Personal Personal Podcast

I’ve found one of the greatest ways build a podcast is the brand new “chunk” method — is actually important to created using chunks of audio which will be swapped in and out essential. In fact in some cases, you will extract htmi lets you from your YouTube video and turn it over into a podcast (liulo.fm). Therefore want to…

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